Greece: A Santorini Dream

Greece: A Santorini Dream
Not all those who wander are lost.
— J.R.R. Tolkien
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I can't begin to describe how beautiful Santorini is, no wonder all the hype! The different shades of blue in the sky and the ocean perfectly complement the blue domes, doors and accents everywhere. And the temperature was perfect - temperate and mild all year round.

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I couldn't stop taking pictures! Of course, Santorini was full of tourists. There are so many islands in Greece, so we selected the few islands that we could easily find information about, and planned our trip around the ferry schedules.

This view from our balcony was not a bad spot for breakfast. All the buildings are painted white, and many hotels are like cave houses, very cozy.  

The town was a  maze to navigate!

White and blue everywhere. You could see the ocean in this handmade pottery. It was difficult to refrain from buying knick knacks - everything was so beautiful!

Everywhere was a photo opportunity. I barely edited these photos. Here I wore a dress from (I must admit) Arden B. that I've had since my teenage years, haha. Arden B. doesn't even exist anymore. Regardless of the brand, we all have those items in our closets that we can't let go of! I love this dress - the print, fabric, the back detail. Completely Santorini appropriate. Moving on.

I wore lots of blue (one of my favourite colors) to match the architecture, haha.

Or to match the ocean. I bought this dress from Primark in London, a UK based store that offers on trend items at great prices. I always have my maxi dresses hemmed at a tailor so they fit perfectly.

One of the many beautiful beaches in Santorini - this is the Perivolos black beach.

The most magnificent attraction here was the sunset. People spend the hours before sundown trying to find a good spot to enjoy the sunset. I've never seen the sun so big and orange! This is a view from the tip Oia.

I would love to visit Greece again, but for now, I'll just enjoy the beautiful Californian coast!

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