10 Classic Sneakers to Wear Forever - Under $100

I don't usually wear sneakers, but I've recently come to love them. It's super comfy, and I never have to complain about my feet hurting. They also go with any outfit - jeans, shorts, even dresses!

As comfy as sneakers are, I sometimes like to enhance the comfort by adding more supportive (sports type) insoles, you can find a variety on Amazon - I like these - and you can also cut them to fit any sneaker shape. I also like to use these elastic no-tie shoelaces on some of my sneakers to turn them into slip-ons. Is that dorky?? lol. But it makes my life so much easier!

Sneaker game is complete with these sock liners from Amazon.

Below, I've rounded up 10 timeless sneaker that are all under $100!