Top 10: (Serious) Winter Parkas Under $500

You may think that I'm a tough cookie when it comes to tolerating the cold, because of what I wore in Lake Tahoe, haha. 

(For that shoot, I had wanted to create contrast in the photos by wearing a "regular" dress in the extreme weather. The all black look was also meant to stand out against the all white backdrop. I threw on my ski jacket after that!)

In reality, I really dislike the cold! Mild mediterranean climates keep me happy as a clam. I've rounded up 10 super warm winter parkas to protect you this season - layer it on! I kept them under $500 (most of them are under $300) because who wants to spend so much on a winter jacket that they will only use a few times a year. I generally avoid places with extreme cold weather, haha, so its tough to justify a purchase above $500.

Stay warm!