Jackalope Art Fair

Two weekends ago, I brought craft monkees to our first major craft fair - Jackalope Pasadena! Sad that my sister had to miss it because she's in London.


Didn't mind waking up at 6am to set up! The Central Park in Pasadena was littered with lots of tents and some amazing makers. Being awake so early meant that I caught the gorgeous sunrise!

I was paired up with Silver Scarab Designs to share a booth, and the designer, Rachel, is the sweetest person ever and her designs are amazing and so unique. Catch her at pop-ups around town, and I hear that her online store is coming soon.

Our signature cone ring holders in almost every color imaginable.


More picture of our display. We also had some items from our concrete collection.


Concrete planters in grey and white with a hand-painted gold accent. Shown here with a succulent from Eco Yardscapes, another vendor at the market.


Of course - I couldn't resist sneaking in a few pieces of clove & ele jewelry, just a few of my favorites, hehe - the Ele Necklaces and the delicate chain rings made from sapphires.

The show lasted 2 full days and while it was tiring, I really enjoyed meeting all the shoppers and other makers. Everyone was so passionate about their craft!

Photo of The Wicked Boheme - marble tray with copper handles

Photo of The Wicked Boheme - marble tray with copper handles

Me: I'm going to take a look at the other shops for 5 minutes (wink wink). Will you be okay here by yourself?

Boyfriend: Uh...

Me: Ok bye!

There were many amazing shops! But here are some of my favorites:

The Wicked Boheme (pictured above) - Candles and home goods made from marble and copper. Wanted to get everything in this shop because the aesthetics really complement my brands!

Viling Designs - Handmade gold-filled and fine jewelry. Delicate and cute designs. Okay, maybe I'm biased because I know the designer, but do check them out!

Clau - In love with their hand stitched leather bags, my favorite is the bucket bag.

Pigeon Tree Crafting - Unique hand-dyed leather accessories.


If I weren't a vendor, I'd have spent all of my money shopping there! There's something about meeting the actual person that makes the products I buy - the whole experience becomes a lot more authentic, and I find that I cherish the product more #shoplocal

Catch clove & ele next at Unique LA on December 3 & 4 in Downtown LA!