Get Ready for 2017

Just one week to 2017! I feel like at the end of every year, I'm startled by how quickly the whole year went by. Is this what getting old feels like?! 

Also the time to think about resolutions...or not. I don't usually make new year resolutions, and if I do, I just keep it to myself. Certainly won't immortalize them here on my blog...because it's possible I'd have to eat my words around March next year, hehe. Self improvement and  goals should be pursued all year round, right?

More importantly, what will you wear to that NYE party? I've rounded up 12 gorgeous new-year-party dresses that are around $300, and can be worn again for all your friends' spring 2017 weddings :) I'm loving blush and jewel hues.

I'll be spending NYE snuggled up in a cabin with a large group of friends in Lake Tahoe - it will be a cozy blanket and fuzzy slippers instead of these lovely feminine dresses for me #win

How will you celebrate the new year?