Soft Suede

I love anything leather - bags, shoes, jackets, sweaters! Thought I'd expand to other items so I got (I mean, borrowed from my sister) this suede shirt from Zara (sold out, but they have a good selection of other leather items - as does Mango!). If you wear it buttoned way down, this heavy shirt actually feels quite airy and not too warm. Or you can wear it layered for cooler days. And these Chloe fringe sandals....I love my Birkenstocks, and these are like a super fancy version - it has a very comfortable footbed and has fringe! What more can I ask for.

Had a super exciting weekend as a vendor at Unique Markets LA, showing our gorgeous c l o v e  &  e l e jewelry! More on that coming soon. So thankful for everyone that showed up, it warmed our hearts to see people as excited about our jewelry as we are!