Nice Knits

Sometimes when I have a closet full of nothing to wear, i just reach for the some colors to create a monochrome look. Sometimes it works, sometimes i end up looking like a...fruit/ninja, hehe.

I'd throw a flowy jacket over this outfit, something fall appropriate like this gorgeous velvet one or this nude one.

Just Goh With It-Outfits-All-White-Knits-Crop-Topshop-Zara-Oxfords-1.jpg
Just Goh With It-Outfits-All-White-Knits-Crop-Topshop-Zara-Oxfords-9.jpg
Just Goh With It-Outfits-All-White-Knits-Crop-Topshop-Zara-Oxfords-3.jpg
Just Goh With It-Outfits-All-White-Knits-Crop-Topshop-Zara-Oxfords-4.jpg
Just Goh With It-Outfits-All-White-Knits-Crop-Topshop-Zara-Oxfords-2.jpg
Just Goh With It-Outfits-All-White-Knits-Crop-Topshop-Zara-Oxfords-7.jpg
Just Goh With It-Outfits-All-White-Knits-Crop-Topshop-Zara-Oxfords-8.jpg
Just Goh With It-Outfits-All-White-Knits-Crop-Topshop-Zara-Oxfords-5.jpg
Just Goh With It-Outfits-All-White-Knits-Crop-Topshop-Zara-Oxfords-6.jpg
Just Goh With It-Outfits-All-White-Knits-Crop-Topshop-Zara-Oxfords-10.jpg

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