Festival Outfit Ideas

Festival season is upon us! After planning all the artists to see and and transportation and accommodation, its finally time to plan what to wear (my favorite part!). I love festival style - it can be anything from boho chic to 90s retro - can't wait to see all the outfits out there!

I've created 4 looks for all the different types of festival goers, hopefully it will inspire your outfit! And you can wear everything even when the festivals are over. For each outfit, I've picked an affordable version of bag, shoes, and sunglasses because let's face it - a million muddy shoes will be stepping all over yours and bags usually end up on the floor, and sunglasses almost always mysteriously disappear....just trying to prevent a panic attack here.


This outfit is for you if you want to try some festival style tassles and fringe, but still want to look casual and sophisticated. 

This is the luxurious and neutral look with leather and suede pieces.

Casual and chic!

And for the anti-festival style girl, this outfit is clean and casual, and for running up and down festival grounds chasing the next show. A little platform sneaker to get a slightly better view haha.

Can't wait to pack my bags for Coachella! See you there?

Coachella 2015

Coachella 2015