DIY : Super Thin Leather Choker

Spent the last weekend in Las Vegas, so tired! Vegas is the kind of "vacation" you need a vacation from after, lol. Is Vegas worth doing a travel post on? It's so close to LA and we go pretty often, so I'm not sure if its "new" haha. But I guess it could be new to my readers! Will be on my to-do list :)

Anyway - Welcome to my first DIY post! I love arts and crafts and have always enjoyed making things - cards, scrapbooks, gifts - now I'm making chokers! If you like making things too, Etsy is a great platform that supports anyone with some creativity! (Check out our Etsy store, craft monkees)

I'm also giving away a few of the chokers that I made, details at the end of this post :)

I was inspired all the choker love going on, but found that many chokers out there are quite pricey - so I decided to make my own! If you love Are You Am I's double wrap Lilou choker, you would probably like this post!

I used this leather cord and crimp tubes, both from Michaels. I like shopping at Michaels because they almost always have a 40% off one regular price item, which makes this project under $5! But if you don't want to bother going to the store, everything is easily available on Amazon as well.

What you need:

1) Thin leather cord in a color you like (I used black) - available at Amazon, or Michaels Stores.

2) Crimp tubes (to attach to the ends of the cord) - available at Amazon, or Michaels stores

3) Flat head pliers - available on Amazon, or at Michaels stores. Regular pliers (or a hammer!) also work, but you may leave pliers teeth marks on the crimp tubes.

4) Scissors - available in your home I hope! My lovely gold ones are from Hay Phi - you can get them here or on


How to in 3 simple steps:

Step 1 : Using scissors, cut the leather cord to your desired length. I used about 70", and that wraps around the neck twice with enough to make a bow with dangly ends.

Step 2 : Place one crimp tube on each end of the leather cord.

Step 3 : Using the flat head pliers, crimp each tube to flatten it. It doesn't matter if your cord has a smaller diameter than the crimp tube, the crimp tube will still be secure after it is flattened.

After a crimp tube is added to both ends of the leather cord

After crimp tubes are attached to each end.

Ta-daa! Your very own thin leather choker made in 2 minutes!

If this still is too much work for you, just email me and I may gift you one that I made

I also made a different style choker (below), I'll share that DIY next time!

If DIY is not your thing, shop some of my favorite leather chokers below: