Portland, Oregon
Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions
— Peter Hoeg

We spent the July 4th weekend in Portland - close enough to LA for this short trip, yet feels far away enough for a mini vacay! The flight is only about 2 hours, and we booked early enough that the flight prices were actually good!

The first day we spent walking around Boise district - this area is super cute - full of little coffee shops, mum & pop stores, you could easily wander around all day.

The city is so green! Flowers and trees everywhere :)

But first, coffee at Bread & Honey Cafe. We (I) went in because it had a nice name :D I love bread. I love honey.

I loved the little shops like these! This is Porch Light - its filled with letterpress cards, lovely stationery, local brands and beautifully packaged everything. I could see craft monkees stuff in a store like this :D

Wearing this open-back dress from Urban Outfitters. It's soft, airy, flattering, and comes in a ton of different prints, colors, fabrics.

Lunch time!

Stopped by a cider house - Cider Bite. Get the tasting flight because everything is delicious! Don't dilly dally.

No trip is complete without a hike to Ramona Falls. This is one of my favorite trails ever! It's very flat, shady, tons of trees, and sunlight streaks through some parts of the canopy. It's a nice 6 miles round trip - exercising without feeling like you're exercising. The scenery is just gorgeous. 

Maybe this river used to be more magnificent...

The only way across the river! I did not fall.

First time taking a photo of a photo. Poor boyfriend didn't know what he was supposed to be taking a photo of....


The sunshine streaming through canopy mentioned earlier :)

Here we are - Ramona Falls! I was impressed! I was half expecting a trickling waterfall...like what we usually find in LA...

Trail leaving the falls.

Rest stop at the Timberline Lodge - this is where they filmed The Shining! I watched this movie for the first time last year and it was quite creepy haha. 

View from the lodge.

Second hike of the day - Multnomah Falls. Lovely - but too many tourists! 

Should we climb to the top...?


This view though...

The next day we resumed exploring the city and stuffing faces :D Random purple bus on the street.

Pretending to read at Powell's Books :) If you love books, this place is a dream! Basically a shopping mall of all kinds of books!

Portland, I'd come back


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