Greece: Crete & Athens
Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.
— Anonymous

 This is the other half of my Greece trip, where I lump Crete and Athens together because, you know, it's not Santorini, haha. You can see my post about Santorini here. We spent a couple of days in Chania (located on the north west of the island of Crete), then a few hours in Athens as we left Greece from the Athens airport.

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The cats of Chania are more laid back than usual, if that's possible.

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 I love how abundant and affordable seafood is in Greece! I mostly ate grilled calamari (whole!) that they seasoned so lightly and perfectly. The meals are light, so there was room to eat multiple times a day :) 

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Chania (or Greece, for that matter) is just a treasure trove of photo opportunities! Every alley a little different, every wall a different mood. You can spend the entire day walking up and down the streets.

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Seaside benches are made for ocean gazing and ice cream eating.

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Gorgeous shops filled with handmade goodies!

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Every time I travel, I make it a point to mail some postcards to friends and family (and myself, so I too have a keepsake :P). The authenticity and sincerity of a handwritten card in the mailbox is guaranteed to make the recipient smile, try it! Whenever I receive a postcard, I pause and think about the journey the card made to arrive at my doorstep, and dream about faraway lands - makes my day!

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Embellished sandals are perfect to run around in. I scored these at Primark!

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Dusk in Chania is simply ethereal...the seaside benches showed above are usually packed around sunset. 

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The town lights up at night, and everywhere else is pitch black except for lighthouses in the ocean. Serenity.

Next up was Athens, where we only had several hours before our flight out. So many things to see, so little time! Of course we chose to see the Parthenon & Acropolis because how can we leave Athens without having seen that!


It's amazing how much preservation ruins require... 


Freshest, sweetest strawberries that I ate without washing. Very likely was covered in dust. 


Days are hot...and with all the walking/climbing stairs/rocks - sightseeing is practically cardio!


Finally, we are rewarded with this glorious view over Athens -  with the juxtaposition of historical Athens (as most of us know it) in the foreground and the modern city in the distance.

There are only, like, thousands of other islands to explore in Greece... 

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