Feverish Faux Fur

The all white snow backdrop was beautiful to shoot in, but was quite difficult to wear anything other than the thickest snow parkas ever (see my selection of some warm ones here). So I decided to wear not much at all for this weather, haha. I think it creates an interesting photograph - the contrast of the clothing and the environment - what do you think? It was also my intention for this shoot.

This heavy knit dress from Zara was surprisingly warm, and when paired with this faux fur scarf from Restoration Hardware, I did not freeze - amazing. Restoration Hardware has a great selection of faux fur scarves and home goods, who knew! I have yet to experience their Ultra Faux Fur Scarf...the regular one is already really soft. For all those who are concerned about my warmth and health, I threw on my ski jacket after! 

There's something about turtlenecks that just makes be feel so...posh. And it's so multipurpose as well - when there was a cold gust of wind I just stretched the turtleneck over my head and was safe and warm.

Can't wait for warmer days!

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