Death Valley : Beautiful Blooms
Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.
— Anonymous

For the past several weeks, Death Valley is seen covered with millions of wildflowers - what is unofficially known as the "superbloom". We rushed to see it before it gets warmer and the flowers disappear!

Acres and acres and acres of gold!

My first time visiting Death Valley, I was pleasantly surprised to see how beautiful it is! Due to its name, I've always imagined it to be barren, brown, and kind of blah. But the landscape is so varied! There even are sand dunes here!

This is me in the Sahara.

The park ranger taught us to identify animal tracks in the sand - above are some lizard tracks on the left...not too exciting. Snake tracks on the right!

Spotted some bear tracks above...or they could be my footprints, you'll never know.

Beautiful view of the rolling sand dunes - one day I'll come in the early morning when there are no footprints in the sand...

Colorful mountains!

We took a walk through the rugged Golden Canyon hiking trail. My shoes are inappropriate for this trail.

Flowers that spring in the hottest, driest, lowest place in North America.

The drive from LA was over 5 hours, but it's worth it because once you get here, you're driving through fields like these.

The salt flats at Badwater Basin, Death Valley.

Finally, this sunset as we head back to LA. Give Death Valley a chance :)

My outfit here was probably not the best for sand dune walking and canyon trails, but...

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