Festival Essentials

Headed to Coachella tonight! So excited!

Festivals are basically a sport - you're in the sun and on your feet all day. We must be prepared! I usually bring a tiny bag (crossbody or backpack) to festivals because carrying a bag around all day can get tiring, or sometimes I don't bring it at all. With limited space, I make sure to pack only the things that I really need while I'm there. Below are the things I'll have in my bag (or rather, my boyfriend's backpack because I'm not packing a bag this time! Little does he know, haha.) this weekend at Coachella. 

It's everything you'd need - hand wipes and tissues for the yucky porter potties, Jurlique face mist to refresh, Supergood spray on face suncreen to reapply without using your hands, bandaids for feet blisters, hair ties for scorching afternoons, aloe mist to soothe sunburns, a bandana to keep the dust out, lip balm tin for quick touch ups, and of course a camera! Festival photos look especially dreamy pn polaroid prints. This is the first time i'm trying flash tattoos, and they're so fun! Warning: it's much to easy to go overboard on those tattoos...

Flash tattoos are also a fun addition to your outfit - Amazon has a great selection. Don't forget bandaids

Are you ready?